Meet the Researchpreneur: Elad Segal

My name is Elad Segal, soon to be Dr. from Bar-Ilan’s Chemistry Department and the Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials.

I am a father, husband and a chemistry enthusiast, especially when it comes to sensing technologies and futuristic gadgets.

Our startup, DriftSense, is a leading provider of innovative, cutting-edge technology for real-time monitoring of toxin airborne drift and other non-classic pollutants. We offer data-based insights regarding hazardous materials found in the air that we all breathe. DriftSense was founded by Dr. Ran Shauli and myself, as we both share a passion for a safer, toxic-free environment. We provide precious and crucial data-backed insights in real time to the industry, regulators, environmental law firms and stakeholders, who will eventually save billions of dollars and millions of lives.

I met Ran almost one year ago through the UnBox program. The “chemistry” between us was evident from the start. We share many common points of view; one of them is to make a global impact on local and worldwide eco-systems. Each of us brings his experience and knowledge to DriftSense. We strongly believe that DriftSense is a game-changer that will definitely prevent many cases of morbidity and mortality, while also saving both private and public sectors billions of dollars. Our assumptions were proved to be correct by tens of stakeholders we met in the U.S. in July.

I came to UnBox very skeptical. As a researcher, you are always asking questions and validating new things that you learn. During the first few lectures I thought that Ariel’s plans for us are insane. Me? Starting a company? Meeting with tens of individuals thousands of miles from here? That must be crazy. However, as we advanced hand-in-hand, and with every passing week, I realized that nothing has ever inspired me more than changing the lives of hundreds of millions of people. I think that what inspired me most was the real-life stories of entrepreneurs who came to UnBox to tell us about how they failed, got up, and overcome challenges. This was real, and not another start-up exit you hear about on the news. As Ariel says: Everybody offers solutions, but the important thing is to define your problem. What is the pain that you aim to solve?

DriftSense aims to solve a global pain.

Come open-minded. You must realize that unless they tell you, you do not know anything about other people`s needs and pain.